Enigma Box vol.1 "Arcanum"

We want to present you the greatest experience of all times, a challenge based on real historical events, full of enigmas and mysteries that will test your wits.

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Ultimate Experience.

An adventure across time and into far off lands. Placing the most advanced technology and analyses of thousands of years worth of riddles into the palm of your hands.  

The biggest adventure of all time, from your front room.

The goal is to decipher the mystery of 'Arcanum Arcanorum', the Secret of Secrets, the unique item that will change the destiny of humankind.

Enhance your skills.

Immersing yourself in "Enigma Box” vol.1 "Arcanum" ® you will increase your dexterity, intuition, understanding of the world, next level thinking, hidden knowledge, expanding your skills, increasing your contacts, and having a great time.

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The Challenge.

This challenge is for adventurers, gamers, mystery seekers, puzzle-solvers and the curious minded who want to immerse themselves in the biggest collection of enigmas ever. Using the most advanced technology you will travel to incredible locations around the world without leaving your front room. To do this, you and your companions must put your best foot forward. We guarantee that this experience will not leave you unsatisfied; it is designed and supported by world class experts in the fields of technology, history and entertainment

The goal is to decipher the mystery of 'Arcanum Arcanorum', the Secret of Secrets, the unique item that will change the destiny of humankind.  

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Enigma Box (vol.1) "Arcanum"

The box contains all elements of Enigma Box (vol.1) and supports the game, but is much more than that as it hides secrets and elements which you need to discover and supports other enigmas.


It contains the necessary tools that will help you at all times and that will guide you when lost. It will shed light on how to progress.

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The box is an entry point into a realm that will allow you to travel to remote places and access confidential and exclusive information. To enable all these functions we have designed an app you can download on your phone (iOS or Android) or access via your computer.

Who we are The Enigma Box team

We're a close team of creatives and explorers who work together to create the most amazing game experience ever...

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Arman Le Mon‏

He found a time capsule which may belong to Jules Verne. Doctor of Archaeology and History. Field Archaeologist, Writer and new tech researcher.

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Marc Sabastian

Adventurous scuba diver with worldwide experience; expert in history riddles and logic games afficionado. Member of the Explorers Club of NYC.

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Jas Lannett

Archeologist who discovered the Arcanum papyrus which could potentially reveal the location of the hidden treasure. Her investigations were possible thanks to Elouan's discovery of the box and analyses of its content.

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William Galter

Explorer who is able to communicate in over 15 different dialects. He rubs shoulders with the elite members of the world's most prestigious secret societies.

Frequently asked questions.

Which are the main features of "The Enigma Box"?


● You will use latest generation technology: virtual reality, augmented reality, graphene, 3D printing, and more.

● It is a game for people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. You do not have to have pre-existing skills or knowledge to fully enjoy the adventure.

● This challenge will increase your dexterity, intuition, understanding of the world, next-level thinking, hidden knowledge, expand your skills, increase your contacts, and you’ll have a great time.

● The designs and riddles are based on real historical discoveries, revelations from the greatest adventurers of all time, and archaeological digs.

What is the PRESS saying?

We have appeared and been referenced internationally across social media and the press. Our investigations and projects have been shared millions of times around the world. Some comments:

- Daily Express UK
- History Channel
- History Channel (Brasil)
- ABC News
- Metro.co.uk
How does the game work?

The objective is to find the 'Arcanum Arcanorum', the Secret of Secrets, hidden in a specific place in the world and kept there by powerful groups and secret societies.  

To do this you have “The Enigma Box”, which contains the documents, maps, riddles, and materials you will need to find this secret. You will also need to apply your ingenuity and investigative skills to advance in this adventure, whether it be alone or with companions that may join you in your quest. You will also make use of the most advanced technology in the fields of virtual reality and augmented reality, objects designed with 3D printers.


We are offering you a type of game never seen before, a radical change in the way you experience a unique adventure from home. You can either play on your own, supported by your friends or with anyone you consider fit to face the challenge. We have combined an incredible story based on real events, comprising a gripping atmosphere, the most astonishing riddles, the most advanced technology, and the possibility to become a part of history.


Of course you will be able to make safer progress and enjoy your experience more if you are accompanied in this journey by friends, as together you can support each other when you are stuck, exchange different perspectives, and discover clues that you may have missed.

Could you explain me in detail?

The box together with the riddles contained in it and the virtual worlds you can access (using your computer or smartphone) will all allow you to find coordinates and key words which will help you progress in the adventure. The booklet in the box will guide you through each location in the world so you know exactly what it is you need to be looking for and which enigmas may be part of it. Not everything is important. You need to find the exact combinations of objects, riddles and information to make progress. 

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